Thursday, September 24, 2009

About Katie

To be completely honest here, I never know what to write on these about me things, haha, so we'll see how this goes :)

I'm Katie Fairchild :) I'm eighteen (1/2) years old and have grown up in Orem, Utah my entire life. I just recently graduated from high school and will be moving up to Idaho to attend BYU-I in a few months.

I've always loved photography! When I was little, I used to steal my mom's camera and take "family pictures" of my Barbies. I really started getting into it though in high school when I took my first photography class. Just learning how to tell a story through capturing one moment was so awesome :)

Now through photography, I'm on a mission to show everyone the beauty I see in the world around me, especially the beauty I see in people. There's too many things out there in the world telling people that they are not beautiful, which is so far from the truth. Everyone has something beautiful about them, and I seriously mean EVERYONE.