Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday #2 and #3

Soooo...I may or may not have gotten a little behind on my Inspirational Wednesday. But, I'm about to make up for all that right now with two instead of one, yay! :)

First of, Rosie Hardy!

Rosie Hardy is this amazing photographer that I just randomly found on Flickr one day. Her stuff is AMAZING! Her creativity is off the charts! What makes it even more amazing is most of her stuff is self portraits. Gosh, that just blows my mind. Here, I just have to show you some of the amazingness:

Amazing, right? Absolutely love her work! Totally inspires me to do crazy things with my photography. I mean, imagine if someone's senior pictures looked like that! That'd be so sweet!

Next, we have Sigur Ros:

I'll admit, the first time you listen to a lot of Sigur Ros stuff, you're probably going to think it's sorta weird. I sure did. But after giving them a fair chance, it's a band that's really grown on me. They're super chill and great to listen to while editing :)


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  1. Dear Katie, i love you. and Sigur Ros? probably my favorite band. You should check out Jonsi. Lead singer of Sigur Ros, a little less ethereal but just as inspiring :)