Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday #5

Today's Inspiration: Brittany Dewester

Brittany is another person I randomly found on Flickr one day. She's a lot like Rosie Hardy in the way that she takes self portraits and stuff, but the difference between the two is the feeling they bring to their pictures. Brittany has more of a bright, happy, colorful feel that I absolutely adore. As I've been trying to figure out how I want my photography to look, she's been a big inspiration in the way that she uses light and color. I was looking through her work one day and stumbled upon this:

Gorgeous, right? So me and my roommates decided it'd be fun to make something like this one. Here's my favorite:

Super fun :) Love love love her work. Here's a few other things she's done, enjoy!:


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  1. Hi Katie,

    This is Brittany DeWester and I just wanted to say how sweet it is of you to say all those kind things about me and do a post about my work. Really brightened my day! Your floating image is absolutely stunning! The lighting and tones are just perfection! Happy Holidays!