Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday #6

Today's Inspiration: Charles Clay

So Charles, I actually know Charles. We had an entrepreneurship skills class together this last semester and got put in the same group for the 100 business challenge. I remember one day our teacher told us to turn to the person next to us and tell them what our dream job was. I knew nothing about him at this point, so I just started going on and on about how I want to be a photographer and while I'm saying all this he just starts smiling and shaking his head. I finally shut up and asked him why he was smiling. That's when I found out he does photography and thought I was insane for majoring in it, haha. Whatever, that's his opinion, i've come to respect that. So this guy, he does photography on the side and is absolutely amazing at it. Learned a ton from talking to him. Check these out:

Love all his work. Check out his site here.


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